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What is the point of your website?

Thinking about what you want your website to achieve first, is the best way of building a website that achieves it. Here’s why.

What is the point of your website?
  1. What content do I need for my website? image

    Struggling to know your website should communicate? Here’s Marc with some tips.

  2. Ask us a question image

    WE NEED YOU... to ask some questions for us to cover on our blog... let Marc explain.

  3. Why would I spend more on a website? image

    We get asked a lot why people should spend more money with us, rather than less elsewhere. So we wrote an article to explain. You’ll soon agree with us.

  4. Dressing up our website offer image

    At BEA Solutions, we have a fun side too. Which is why when we suggested Marc dressed up as a pirate for an advert, he was happy to oblige... sort of.

  5. About our offer... image

    Marc’s back! And he’s telling you what you should be thinking about before you make the most of our current great offer!

  6. Show us your slides image

    The benefits of some website features can be swings and roundabouts... but slides are here to stay! Here’s to the power of the slideshow!

  7. A blog article about blog articles image

    There are few things stranger than a blogger being asked to blog about blogging. But that’s what happened. Here’s the result!

  8. What does 2018 mean for web design? image

    Looking for a new website this year, or just wanting to be able to talk online fashion? Here are our 10 key points for Web Design in 2018!

  9. What happens if someone phones when everyone's on the phone? image

    An engaged tone could really irk your customers and potential customers if they’re trying to reach you... so let Marc suggestion a solution or 3.

  10. Do you know your area code? image

    How your phone number is laid out can be important, do you know how yours is meant to be written?

  11. Do you still use a FAX? image

    Does your business still rely on fax? Marc’s back with what might be music to your ears!

  12. Did you know about compensation for poor service? image

    We’ve had people query the Ofcom Broadband compensation decision. We like to cover IT/telecoms news, so here we assess what it means to you... and us!

  13. What makes a good email signature? image

    We’ve all seen good email signatures. We’ve all seen bad email signatures. But have you ever put your finger on what the difference is? Here’s our quick layman’s guide.

  14. What's an SSD? image

    Another week, another video, and this time Marc’s looking to answer a question that he’s been getting asked frequently about one of the most fashionable components currently flooding the market!

  15. We moved offices with no downtime! image

    Looking forward to a big new office move, but dreading the downtime? Well we think you can have one without the other! How? Read on!

  16. What should I do with my old computer? image

    We’ve written a few articles on what you should expect from, and do with a brand-new computer. But what about what to do with the old one?

  17. How do I spot a phishing scam? image

    Most of us have looked at a convincing scam and wondered if it’s for real at some point. But what are the general rules to spot one from a mile off?

  18. My friend is good with computers, why can't he do my IT? image

    We’ve been asked this question about websites, and now we’ve been asked it about IT too – here’s Marc with more.

  19. Do I need to worry about KRACK? image

    If you’ve been following the tech press recently, you’ll have heard all about KRACK – but just how much of a threat is it? Let’s try and break it down for you.

  20. If your business sells good, stock tracking is vital! image

    Don’t be the next business to lose your way through poor stock management – get on board with the methods that can help take you to the next level!

  21. How quickly can I get up and running with the BDT? image

    Our Business Data Toolkit might sound like it’ll take FOREVER to set up, but that’s unlikely to be the case! Marc’s back to let you know what sort of timescale you can expect.

  22. Are your field based staff effectively planned? image

    Like any other resource, how you manage your staff is vital in ensuring that your business succeeds. Technology could help you do just that – here’s now.

  23. How does the BDT handle data specific to my business? image

    Some people worry that our Business Data Toolkit can’t possibly work for the niches of their business. We say – nonsense! Marc will tell you why.

  24. Is a paperless office a pipe dream? image

    Whether it’s for cost, or for the climate, a lot of us are trying to cut down the amount of paper we use at work. But is TOTALLY paperless office a reality, or just a nice idea?

  25. How can BDT stop my stock from disappearing? image

    Losing stock can cost a business thousands over time – so why wouldn’t you get our Business Data Toolkit to prevent this – here’s Marc to explain what it can do for you.

  26. Our Business Data Toolkit is as vital as a handyman's! image

    For October, our focus is back onto our Business Data Toolkit! So here’s why we think you can only benefit from having all of OUR tools – right at your fingertips!

  27. Should I get a laptop or a desktop? image

    Just 'getting a computer' isn't enough - you need one that works for you. And that starts with the simplest of base questions. Desktop or Laptop? Read on!

  28. Why can't I just buy that cheap computer? image

    Cost is an important factor to ALL of us, but when buying a computer, it shouldn’t be your only consideration – let Marc tell you why.

  29. Why should I budget for my IT? image

    Don't be caught short with your IT by not thinking ahead, because the old cliche rings true - fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Here's why!

  30. How do I remember all those passwords? image

    Do you find yourself using different passwords for security... but then forgetting them? Here’s Marc’s with a tip or two.

  31. How can I get some peace of mind with my IT? image

    Looking for a little extra peace of mind with your IT? Sounds like our support contracts might be perfect for you – so read on!

  32. Do I REALLY have to backup my data? image

    We’re back onto IT this month, and for our first video, Marc’s talking to you about backing up your files!

  33. How does your support contract work? image

    Our Support Contracts provide customers with a level of security they wouldn’t otherwise have for their technology. But how do they work? And why should you get one?

  34. My business hasn’t changed in the last 5 years, why should my website? image

    Business owners everywhere can sometimes get trapped in logic streams that might be doing themselves and their businesses a disservice. This is why we think you can keep the familiar AND embrace the new!

  35. How do I make my website more navigable? image

    Marc’s back with a brand new explainer video, and this time it’s all about how you get around... a website, that is.

  36. How do I sell products online? image

    More and more businesses are moving away from having a website that draws people to their premises, instead choosing to sell online. But what’s the best way to score the sale when you do it that way? Here’s our take.

  37. Video: How important is branding on my website? image

    Branding is all about the image you want to put across to your customers. But how important is it in relation to other factors that you might want to consider when sorting our your business’ online presence.

  38. People who buy online are just cheapskates! image

    There are a concerning number of business owners who think that this is the case, but in reality it couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s why we think you should cast off your prejudices and embrace the online shopper!

  39. Video: Can I just get an off the shelf website? image

    We’re frequently fielding questions from potential customers about why they wouldn’t just get an off the shelf website instead of using our services? I mean they’re cheaper after all! Well, yes... but there’s a reason for that – Here’s Marc to explain!

  40. But my friend is going to design my website! image

    Friends are great. I think that’s something we can all unilaterally agree on. But... they probably shouldn’t be dealing with your website. Rather than assume we’re just saying that because we’re biased though... you should probably have a read!

  41. Is it worth paying for a memorable number? image

    In an earlier blog article we briefly touched upon memorable phone numbers when we broke down all the different kinds of number. But is a memorable one worth paying for? Read on, and catch our take!

  42. Should I record my phone calls? image

    That common message “This call may be recorded” is becoming more and more common. But should you be doing it? And if so, why? Here’s Marc!

  43. Phone systems are obsolete! Why do companies still sell them? image

    We’ve spoken about our passion for VoIP as a telecoms solution a few times, but here’s our take not only on that, but why the traditional box on the wall is now a thing of the past!

  44. What is the VoIP activation process? image

    We may spend a lot of time trying to promote our VoIP services, but several things about it are still a mystery to you – here’s Marc to answer one of the bigger ones.

  45. Why is my broadband so slow? image

    One of the main complaints we often hear from potential customers is about how slow their current broadband providers are. But what can cause the slowness? And what might you be able to do about it? Here’s a few of our thoughts!

  46. Can I use my mobile number to advertise my business? image

    Is using your mobile phone as a contact number the done thing? Here’s Marc with a new video (and new hair) to discuss.

  47. Why the long contract? image

    Many of us are getting tired with taking out what seems like a good offer, but turns out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But when you realise, you’ve already been tied in for what seems like a lifetime. Here’s our take on contract terms.

  48. Business Data Toolkit image

    The Business Data Toolkit is the hardest of our products to explain, so Marc’s made a longer video, to clear up some queries.

  49. Where are you working from today? image

    A common conversation starter in our industry is about what products are available to help you work on the go – here’s what we think about trying to make your life easier!

  50. Do my staff have access to all of my data? image

    Another week, another video. This time it’s all about how you can manage your data, and stop it getting into the wrong hands.

  51. British airways need to be in the cloud image

    The British Airways crisis may have blown over now, but it points out some fundamental issues with their practices – here’s why the high-flyers need to use the cloud!

  52. Data is the driving force behind any business! image

    Any successful business depends on data and data management. Don’t believe us? Here’s Marc to explain

  53. Voter data is critical to winning the election image

    Data can play a really big part in the general election. So we thought we’d be topical and explain how, and why it can apply to your business too.

  54. How can Business Data Toolkit improve efficiency? image

    Today we’re focusing on efficiency and how our Business Data Toolkit can help with it. Interested? Read on.

  55. What should I be doing with social media? image

    Clever use of social media is a fairly important part of our business, and is increasingly becoming so for many other businesses too. But what you should YOUR business be doing with it? Well read on, and perhaps you’ll have a clearer idea.

  56. My business is simple; how can I fill 5 pages? image

    Sometimes it can seem like over-complicating things to have lots of different pages on a simple website, but actually – they're likely to be needed. Here's what we think all websites should have on them.

  57. How long will my website take? image

    When it comes to how long a website takes to build, it can be a bit of a “How long’s a piece of string?” equation. Marc’s back with a new video to explain why.

  58. Why do I need a website? image

    What your business does, directly impacts on the kind of website that your business needs... but are there occasions where you might not need one at all? Read on, and find out.

  59. Do I need a website? image

    More and more businesses are giving themselves an online presence these days, but for those who feel they don’t need to... here’s our take. You may be surprised by our answer.

  60. Why are you still buying from BT? image

    It's increasingly simple to shop around for the best prices on a wide range of commodities in our modern era... so why do so many people continue to buy their telecoms from BT? If you're one of them, read on...

  61. What advanced features can I expect from my telecoms? image

    As we stated in an earlier video, many people just want a telephone that rings, but have you even considered some of the others features that are available to you? Here’s Marc with more.

  62. Does your call handling reflect badly on your business? image

    Everyone has their pet peeves when it comes to the service they receive when they call up a business – well for the ones that can be solved with technology, here are a few of our best suggestions!

  63. Why should I care about my telecoms? image

    It’s easy to think that all your business needs is a phone that rings, but how you handle incoming calls can speak volumes for your business. Here’s Marc to explain why.

  64. What type of telephone number is best for your market? image

    What telephone number your business has might seem a strange thing to give much thought to, but actually, taking the time to consider it makes a lot of sense. Here’s why.

  65. What is VOIP? image

    Many of our customers are now asking about, and even switching to VoIP for their telecommunications. But to a lot of people, it’s a completely foreign concept. Here’s Marc with the lowdown.

  66. Is Internet-based telephony good enough for your business? image

    One thing we’ve learnt in our time, is that sometimes good technology can become outdated, and sometimes solutions can come before their time. But which category does VoIP fall under?

  67. What is Office 365? image

    More and more people are enjoying the flexibility that Office 365 brings... but what is it, and how does it work? Our new blog aims to fill in the gaps!

  68. Video: What is a support contract? image

    If your computers are prone to going on the blink, or if you’d like some peace of mind, then a support contract might be for you – here’s Marc to explain.

  69. Is your backup plan good enough to protect your data? image

    How you handle data in case of a breach, or bigger issue, could be the difference between prosperity and a long, drawn-out recovery. Here’s why.

  70. What computer should I buy? image

    “Which computer should I buy?” is a question that people really need to tighten up – here’s why!

  71. Is your P@ssw0rd! strong enough? image

    Increasingly, we get people coming to us who’ve been hacked or had someone try to hack one of their accounts. Here we look at how you can decrease the chances of that happening – just by changing your password.

  72. Video: Connecting a printer to wifi image

    If you’re looking for a new and improved printer, you might have some misconceptions – watch our video to dispel one of the biggest ones!

  73. Is a cheap printer always the cheapest option? image

    When you make a purchase, it doesn’t always just cost you money at the time – our latest blog gives one instance, when there’s more to think about than just your wallet right now.

  74. How you handle customer data could be key to business success image

    As business becomes increasingly digitalised, more and more data becomes available. Now’s the time to stop hiding from it all, and use it to take things to the next level.

  75. Don't duplicate; integrate! image

    Why is having data all over the shop likely to be damaging your business? And how can integrating it help?

  76. Are you still wasting time with paper? image

    Are you impacting on your business by still consigning everything to paper? And why should you be trying to move away from it?

  77. Video: All of my data is in different places image

    The more processes you have from point of purchase, to the completed transaction, the more room you have for mistakes. How would our Business Data Toolkit avoid that?

  78. If it isn't numbers, it shouldn't be in a spreadsheet image

    How should data be kept and managed for the most efficient business? Well, in our first blog post this month we tell you what you definitely SHOULDN'T be doing.

  79. Video: What can the business data toolkit do for you? image

    We’ve all found ourselves drowning in spreadsheets at some point. But why could our Business Data Toolkit make a difference to your business?

  80. Video: What is the business data toolkit? image

    The Business Data Toolkit is one of our main areas of our business, but... what is it?

  81. Video: Is social media really relevant for businesses? image

    You may well have found this video by Social Media – so clearly it can have an impact. But how important is it to have a presence on there in the modern age?

  82. What's responsiveness and why does it matter? image

    A website that can be viewed by anyone, anywhere, is increasingly important in our mobile generation – so today we’re talking all about responsiveness and trying to take you from A to B-eyond doubt.

  83. Video: How much does a website cost? image

    Many people fear the worst when they need a new website. Some astronomical flat-rate fee, when in reality they just need a really basic structure. Well our next video explains why that’s not the case.

  84. How to convert visitors: Make your website easy! image

    After advising you how to get more visitors to your website last time, now you need to turn those visits into sales. Here’s what we think that all businesses should be thinking about.

  85. Video: How to get more website visitors? image

    Videos are a great way of promoting your business, but they’re also a great way of helping us to help you. Marc’s got a few thoughts on why you might not be getting the hits you deserve.

  86. Why isn't anyone visiting my website? image

    Even if you have the world’s best website, if you have no plan to get people to visit it then it is certain to fail. We share our top tips to get that all-important traffic.